Which of the following constants can be added to x^2+15x to form a perfect square trinomial?a. 15/2b. 225/4c. 15

Accepted Solution

Answer:Answer b. [tex]\frac{225}{4}[/tex]Step-by-step explanation:In order to get a perfect square trinomial from a binomial of the form: [tex]x^2 +bx[/tex]. the term to add should be the square of half of the coeficcient "b". That is: [tex](\frac{b}{2} )^2[/tex]. Such will give you a trinomial that comes from the perfect square of the binomial: [tex](x+\frac{b}{2})^2=x^2+bx+(\frac{b}{2} Β )^2[/tex]In your case, b=15 therefore [tex](\frac{b}{2} )^2=(\frac{15}{2} )^2=\frac{225}{4}[/tex]