Type the correct answer in each box. If necessary, use / for the fraction bar(s).Find the solution for this system of equations.12x + 15y = 34-6x + 5y = 3x = y =

Accepted Solution

Answer:X=5/6 Y=8/5Step-by-step explanation:-6x +5y=3+6x5y=6x+3 (divide each number by 5)Y=6/5x + 3/5 (Plug that into your x equation)12x+15 (6/5x + 3/5) =34 (Multiply 15 by the numbers in the brackets you can break it down and do 15β€’6 divided by 5 )15β€’6=90 divided by 5=18x15β€’3= 45 divided by 5=9(Add like variables)12x+18x=30x30x+9=34(Subtract 9 from itself do the same to 34)9-9= 0 34-9=25Divide 30 by itself to get x by itself then divide 25 by 3025 divided by 30= 5/6X=5/6 (plug that into the y equation)Y=6/5β€’5/6+3/5Multiply 6/5 and 5/6 straight across because this is multiplication you don't need like denominators6/5β€’5/6=30/30=1Y=1+3/51/1 + 3/5 Here you need to have like denominators because it is addition so just use 55β€’1=55/5+3/5=8/5Y=8/5