Noemi says that a graph of an oval is a functionbecause she can trace the whole graph withoutpicking up her pencil. Mark says that an ovál isnot a function because multiple values of x map tothe same y-value. Determine if either one iscorrect and justify your answer completely.

Accepted Solution

Answer:Noemi is wrong with wrong justification.Mark is correct but his justification is incorrect.Step-by-step explanation:Given:A graph of oval shape.The reason given by Noemi to call it a function is because she can draw it without lifting her hand.The reason given by Mark to reject it as a function is because multiple values of 'x' map to same value of 'y'.A function is said to be defined only if each 'x' value has unique 'y' value. In other words, no two values of 'y' can have the same 'x' value. Therefore, multiple values of 'x' can map to same values of 'y' but multiple values of 'y' can never map to same values of 'x'.So, here, the reason given by Noemi is not for a function but for a definition of continuous function.The reason given by Mark is also not correct as multiple values of 'x' can map to same values of 'y' but the converse is not true.So, the graph of a oval shape is not a function as multiple values of 'y' maps to same value of 'x'